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We specialize in custom house renovation and remodelling projects. As one of the top-rated house builder in Canada, we offer a comprehensive house renovation and remodelling services to the property owners across Toronto, Richmond Hill, North York and many other cities and their neighbouring areas.

We are here to improve the aesthetic of your home through a range of renovation and remodelling solutions. Whether you live in a century-old house or a decade old condo, we can enhance its look at turn it into a dream home.

Renovations and Remodelling Services We Provide

P&O General Construction is one of the leading housebuilders in Canada. From land purchasing to planning and designing, we provide A-Z house building solutions to Canada’s people. House renovations and remodelling are significant parts of our services, and we have worked hundreds of house renovations and remodelling projects in almost all major Canadian cities.

We are in this field for more than 1O years. We are mostly known for our full spectrum of house renovations and remodelling services, including:
•    Kitchen Renovations
•    Basement Finishing
•    Bathroom Remodelling
•    Exterior Renovations
•    Home Additions
•    Condominium Renovations and more

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is one of the essential parts of a house, and some people find the place a comfortable zone to spend some quality time with the family or friends. The kitchen is the place we use for cooking, comforting and unwinding, and we are here to make your kitchen aesthetically pleasing.

Kitchen renovation or remodelling is a complicated and time-consuming procedure. It requires strategic planning and the right approach. We can deliver the best kitchen remodelling solutions that can meet your expectations and desires.

When working on a kitchen renovation or remodelling project, we take care of all the aspects including tiling, flooring, plumbing, ventilation, ceiling, lighting and electrical works. We work with a dedicated team of professional planners, designers and tradesmen who come with exhaustive industry knowledge and experience. 

Basement Finishing

For many homeowners, a basement is a perfect place for hand out. Basements are a space which is quieter than any other parts of a house., while it. Basements can be used creatively for various purposes; however, in some cases, people do not use it effectively because of look or condition.

If your basement has lost its appeal or wants to enhance its look to male it usable, you must contact P&O General Construction and see the difference. We have the experience of working on multiple basement projects across Canada, and we know what it takes to make a basement an attractive and useful part of a property.

Once you agree to assign the project to us, our experts will visit your place to inspect the basement’s condition and suggest you the best plans according to your preferences and budget.

Bathroom Remodelling

Like the kitchen and bedroom, the bathroom is also an essential part of a house. The bathroom is the place where we indeed find ourselves alone. The bathroom is the space where we spend a certain amount of time every day, and that is why we must think about its look and amenities.

If your bathroom looks backdated or wants to remodel it with modern design and amenities, we must think about the bathroom remodelling project. Building a new bathroom is an expensive affair, and not everyone is ready for it. On the other hand, renovations or remodelling are cheaper, and you can undertake it any time.

As a top-ranked house builder in Canada, P&O General Construction comes with the capacity to convert an old or odd-looking bathroom to a modern and aesthetically appealing bathroom anytime. Hence, if you plan to renovate or remodel your bathroom or add a new one within your house, never hesitate to contact us for free quotes and estimates.  

Exterior Renovations

The exterior of a house is that part people see first. The exterior design of your home can leave a significant impact on you and your guests as well. Hence the exterior of a house should be eye-catchy and pleasing, and if you are not happy with the outdoor of your home, you can give it a new look any time.

As a seasoned house builder in Canada, we are here to enhance the beauty of your house with a range of exterior renovation solutions. We have the experience and expertise to make your exterior not only aesthetically appealing but also functional. If you want to give your house the best look in your neighbourhood, contact us now.

Home Additions

Do you think the space you have in your house is not sufficient for a comfortable living? If yes, then home additions can be an excellent option for you. We are one of the most reputable house builders in Canada, and we have more than 10 years of experience in the field.

We can help homeowners in all leading Canadian cities to expand the overall space of their house. We can suggest you the best plans and design to utilize the available space and improve accessibility.  

Condominium Renovation

We are one of the top-rated condo renovation companies, and we work with an experienced and skilled team of professional designers, planners and tradesmen. We provide a range of condo renovation services, including condo kitchen renovation, condo bathroom renovation, condo remodelling, managing paperwork and permits and more.

Condo renovation is a complex project, as there are many rules and regulations to follow for it. We had worked on many such projects before and won the heart of our clients. Hence, if you plan to hire someone for condo renovations, contact us and see how we can help you.

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority because we work to establish an enduring relationship with our clients. We have the experience and expertise to deal with challenges, and we have the workforce and resources to complete projects within the assured period.


“A great building must begin with the immeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed, and in the end must be unmeasured.”

– Louis Kahn

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We are here to improve the aesthetic of your home through a range of renovation and remodelling solutions.

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