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Our team of professional realtors uses their extensive experiences in land and property development to assist the client in finding the best possible locations.

Preliminary Planning Analysis

P&O General Construction utilizes Preliminary Planning Analysis (PPA) to answer questions from owners and investors regarding zoning by-laws, obtaining site plan approval, and all aspects of planning.

Costing Estimates

P&O General Construction will perform up to four (4) pre-construction estimates. The number of estimates depends on the quality of drawings and on the production, as well as overall project schedules.

The first estimate will be conceptual and others will evolve with more details and precision as the drawings develop. Initial estimates will be about 20% to 25% of the actual estimated cost and others will be in accord with the developing project.

Cost Savings

At your direction, P&O General Construction will undertake one of two approaches to cost savings. The first approach is a passive one: we undertake cost-reducing options at your direction. This allows the architect a full range of design options.

The second approach involves our proactive input: we actively propose options and alternates. For instance, when pricing a particular design, we would simultaneously price alternatives. This second approach involves the owner advising us precisely of their budget; it also requires the active participation of the architect.

Development Management Costs

Typically, construction costs compose 55% to 60% of actual project costs. A common and major oversight in the project development process is the failure to develop a comprehensive budget that covers all hard (i.e., pure construction) and soft (i.e., not part of physical construction) costs.

Cash Planning

P&O General Construction has the capability to provide you with detailed construction and comprehensive project cash requirements schedules so that you can adequately plan the funding of your project.

In addition to estimating construction costs, P&O General Construction can review, provide input on, and assist with purchasing of all necessary furniture, fixtures and equipment. We can review and assess your company’s buying process, or actively undertake this process on your behalf.

Business plan

P&O General Construction takes into account development management cost, cash planning, and overall hard cost and soft cost as we prepare business plans that will allow owner/owners and investors to better understand their profits and their projects.


“A great building must begin with the immeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed, and in the end must be unmeasured.”

– Louis Kahn

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Pre-construction services are used in planning a construction project before the actual construction begins.


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Planners strive to develop clear plans for action, and to implement ongoing evaluations of successes and failures.

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