Custom Home Development

Some people invest in improving the charm and visual appeal of their house. Since house renovation and remodelling is no more a cheap alternative, many people prefer hiring professionals who offer custom luxury house design and builder service.

P&O General Construction is a renowned service provider of house renovation, house remodelling, land development and now we are offering custom home development services to clients across all leading cities.

The trend of interior design is rapidly changing over time. Hiring a professional service for custom house design is the best solution, where you can consult with the experts and decorate the house as you wish.

Custom home development allows you to showcase the lifestyle that you always wanted. If you are thinking of hiring a professional service for the same, you have come to the right place. In Canada, P&O General Construction needs no introduction, and we can help turn your dream home into a reality.

As a reputed service provider, we prioritize quality, and we offer our service at a reasonable cost. Be it land development, home renovation or custom home development, we have not learned to compromise on the quality. By choosing us, you can get the best quality work at an unbelievable price.

We have a group of highly qualified professionals, and you should give us a call to know more about custom home development.

Entire Procedure
  • Consultation

The demand and preferences for custom homes vary from one to another property owner, and therefore P&O General Construction prioritizes initial consultation before moving to further procedures. It is essential to consult with our clients to listen to how they want to decorate their homes.

We ask our clients to provide a date to visit and discuss the requirements in detail. Once we have an idea, it will be easier for us to plan the whole thing as per your requirement.

  • On-Site Visit

Site specifications are imperative, without which we cannot start planning for the next step. Our professionals will meet at the building site and inspect the area thoroughly. Once the inspection is complete, they can begin working on planning.

The on-site visit will also help provide an accurate quotation to the clients to have a realistic idea of the expenses. It also helps to discuss specific details about the property.

  • Designing and Planning

Once the steps, as mentioned above, are done, we proceed to design and to plan. We have an expert team of architects, engineers, and planners who can help design and plan as per the requirements.

Designing and planning include sketching the designs and getting them approved by the clients. Once our clients approve the proposal, we proceed to the next step, which is the quotation.

  • Getting Initial Quotation

An initial quotation is an approximation that is made considering the requirements. The initial quote is not the actual but an approximation, and it may have a slight difference with the actual one. P&O General Construction’s in-house professionals will provide the initial quotation after considering all the requirements.

  • Get the Fixed Quotation

If you agree with the approximate quotation, our team of suppliers and local subcontractors will check everything accordingly, and they will get collect the fixed quote for your requirements. Once you have reached the fixed quotation, you will have no doubts regarding the expenses.

  • Contract

If you find everything alright, we will proceed to sign a contract. If you need some changes in planning, you have to address it before signing the contract.

If you forget to mention the changes before signing the contract, we won’t be responsible. Once the contract is signed, we can start working on the project immediately. 

A Few Factors to Consider Before Starting Custom Home Development

Make sure to check the land while buying, as the type of land may have a significant impact on the design. If your house is on the slope or plains, it will influence land on the style. Available space is the second important thing to consider while opting for custom home development, and therefore you should not forget it.

Lastly, features need are imperative for long term benefits. For example, you can see how smart homes can save on energy bills, and you should not ignore these things while investing in custom home development.

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“A great building must begin with the immeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed, and in the end must be unmeasured.”

– Louis Kahn

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Custom Home Development

In Canada, P&O General Construction needs no introduction, and we can help turn your dream home into a reality.

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